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Innovation and development

Adhering to the business philosophy of “active innovation, pursuit of excellence, full participation, serving the society”





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How can CCY operate under the influence of overcapacity of domestic steel and sluggish manufacturing industry? Many factories are fighting for price and cost. How can CCY get out of its own way?

CCY still adheres to its product positioning, hoping to realize the vision of the enterprise and create "CCY" as a synonym for high-quality stainless steel surface processing. Undoubtedly, if we can't follow the industry standards, we need to do higher standards than the industry standards to restrain ourselves.

1. All processes must be operated according to the relevant SOP and recorded.

A. The personnel in the preceding paragraph will approve the material and then feed it and measure and record the relevant data.

B. Mid-level personnel will adjust equipment and check product quality.

C. The personnel in the latter section check the product quality or label the product again and record the product abnormality.

2. Adequate staffing and relevant professional skills, and regular training to make employees more professional;

A. New employees will be taught one-to-one after they enter the job.

B. The company sets up training rooms to train new and old employees regularly.

3. Use advanced instruments and equipment to monitor and test all products, and can be revised according to the relevant requirements of customers.

A. Specific testing and recording for different customers, and modification according to customer requirements to meet customer requirements.

In the era of big data and Internet +, CCY will also enter private customized mode. Because we have a strong team, a large number of historical data, advanced equipment, so that our products stand firm, and win market share.