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China's first stainless steel composite double-layer sea pipe core component Xi'an

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Recently, the submarine oil pipelines of the CNOOC Wenchang 19-1N and 8-3E oilfield production release projects in the South China Sea have been completed. This is the first time that China has laid a stainless steel composite double-layer sea pipe. The operation difficulty is the most in China, and the two new welding technologies are also applied for the first time.
Recently, the submarine oil pipelines of the CNOOC Wenchang 19-1N and 8-3E oilfield production release projects in the South China Sea have been completed. This is the first time that China has laid a stainless steel composite double-layer sea pipe. The operation difficulty is the most in China, and the two new welding technologies are also applied for the first time.
The stainless steel composite double-layer sea pipe laid this time has a total length of 4.92 kilometers. The inner pipe is a 6-inch bimetallic mechanical composite sea pipe with a 3 mm stainless steel inner lining. The outer pipe is a 10-inch ordinary carbon steel pipe and a two-layer sea pipe. The middle is filled with a 30 mm thick insulation layer. The most important inner tube is manufactured by Aviation Materials, a subsidiary of the Fourth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in Xi'an, and the company also provides a total solution for on-site construction.
In this project, Aviation Materials Co., Ltd. pioneered the narrow-cut and zero-gap butt welding process, and the total qualified rate of welding quality has been greatly improved. It not only proves that CNOOC has fully mastered the laying technology of composite sea pipe, but also proved the products provided by the company. The quality and construction plan have reached strict sea oil standards.
In recent years, relying on the advantages of solid-state power technology, the Fourth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology has vigorously developed dual-use products for military and civilian use, and the first use of space detonation technology to produce bimetallic composite pipes in China, significantly improving the corrosion resistance of pipelines and prolonging the service life. low cost. As early as 2011, the company broke the foreign monopoly in the international bidding of the large-scale submarine gathering and transportation pipeline project of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and pioneered CNOOC's first use of domestic bimetallic composite pipes in the submarine gathering and pipeline system. The bimetal composite pipe is a breakthrough in land application to marine applications.